Talent Solutions

We specialize in bringing together organizations and talent to create innovative and technical solutions. Our robust network of professionals includes H1B, OPT, and H4EAD IT experts, engineers, developers, and more – all ready to integrate into your team and drive the successful implementation of your desired solutions. These experts are not just employees; they are pioneers and innovators, ready to integrate seamlessly into your team and drive the implementation of your desired solutions.

We will work with you to:

  • Identify and recruit the best talent for your organization.
  • Develop a comprehensive assessment process to evaluate potential candidates.
  • Source top-tier professionals from around the world.
  • Create mentorship programs and provide ongoing training.
  • Manage payroll, benefits, and other administrative processes.

Whether you need a team to develop new software from scratch, require specialists to maintain your IT infrastructure, or seek experts to navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity, our Talent Solutions are tailored to meet your needs. We go beyond just providing personnel; we ensure that the talent we provide aligns with your company culture and long-term goals.

Offshore Talent Solutions

In today's globalized world, geographical boundaries should not limit your access to top-notch talent. That's why we offer Offshore Talent Solutions. This service allows you to leverage the skills of our international pool of IT professionals, regardless of where your company is based.

Part of our offshore solutions includes:

  • Establishing a secure and reliable remote infrastructure.
  • Identifying qualified and experienced personnel from our global network of IT professionals.
  • Managing legal and regulatory compliance in each jurisdiction.
  • Offering comprehensive onboarding and training programs to ensure smooth integration with your existing team.
  • Negotiating and managing contracts on your behalf, to ensure the best terms for both sides.
  • Providing regular oversight and monitoring of contracted personnel to ensure compliance with your policies and objectives.
  • Expertly managing payroll, benefits, and other administrative processes

Our Offshore Talent Solutions are designed to give you the flexibility and cost-efficiency of hiring remote staff without compromising on quality. We manage the complexities of international recruitment, compliance, and logistics so you can focus on what matters most – your business.